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Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Director General of the Energy Strategy Institute
A full member of the Academy of Engineering and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, winner of the Government of the Russian Federation prize in the field of science and technology, honorary power engineer of the USSR.
Over 50 years of professional career from a junior research assistant at the Siberian Research Institute of Power Engineering (Novosibirsk) to the Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of Russia (1992-1998). Since 1998, a head of the Institute of Energy Strategy.
Was the leader of the working group on the preparation of the Energy Strategy of Russia 2020 (ES-2020) and the Energy Strategy of Russia 2030 (ES-2030).
Specialist in energy systems, the founder of a scientific school on energy security and energy efficiency and the new scientific direction - the theory of ergodynamics (sustainable development of socio-natural systems), senior researcher for energy strategy formation and monitoring.
Author of more than 200 publications, including 18 monographs, on general issues of energy systemology, the methodology of sustainable development and energy efficiency, energy policy and forecasting the future of world energy.
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