Scientific, analytical and business journal «Energeticheskaya Politika» (Energy Policy)
The Journal has been published since 1995 (6 issues per year).
The Journal was founded by CJSC «Globalization and Sustainable Development. Institute of Energy Strategy» and Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
Senioreditor: Vitaliy V. Bushuev
Deputy editors: Nikolay I. Voropai, Alexey M. Mastepanov
The main objective of the Journal defined by the founders is to inform the international academic and business community about scientific research in the development of global energy industry and the global fuel and energy complex.
The Journal «Energeticheskaya Politika» covers various aspects of the global energy industry development and the global fuel and energy complex (FEC). Main focus is on such issues as energy security, sustainable development prospects of the energy system, as well as energy efficiency of the economy, reforms in various sectors of FEC, environmental and regional challenges of FEC.
The supplements and special issues of the journal are focused on the national and regional FEC development including energy strategies and priority areas of scientific, technological and environmental development of energy sector. The thematic journal supplements cover the development of Russian FEC, publish projects and strategic documents officially approved by the Government of Russia and materials on the sustainable development strategies of energy companies and major regions of Russia.
Audience: academic and business community, energy sector specialists, government, energy researchers in universities and scientific institutions.
The journal publishes original research and analytical articles in Russian and English.
The Journal complies with international standards of publication ethics. All articles are undergoing review process.
The Journal is published by the publishing center «Energy». The electronic version of the Journal is in open access on the official website. The Journal is indexed in the national bibliographic database of scientific citations. The printed versions of the journal are distributed free of charge to targeted academic and government organizations and companies.
Since 2011, the Journal has been included in the List of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals (List of VAK publications) by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
The Journal is the winner of the 2001 All-Russian journalistic competition «The Best Publication on Problems of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia», the interregional specialized exhibition «Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving. Volga-2011».
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